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  • The Crown Prosecution Service isn’t ‘cherrypicking’. It’s making the right calls

    Letters: In all the domestic abuse cases where the CPS took no further action, it had made the right decision, says chief inspector Andrew T Cayley, while Duncan Woodhead of the FDA union also rejects claims of ‘cherrypicking’
  • A low birthrate is good news for the planet

  • Keir Starmer should look at reversing Brexit

  • Pachyderm parallel put me in the picture on New York City weight

  • Awareness of mental health is not enough

  • The flaws in Nicholas Hytner’s plan to save the performing arts

  • Access to personal information must be properly monitored

  • We should study live juries to improve rape trials

  • A cracking price for supermarket eggs?

  • Let’s hear it for Calibre Audio: a charity spreading joy through audiobooks

  • Cancel culture and the Oxford Union

  • Ed Davey impresses, but are the Lib Dems a viable electoral force?

  • The view from Germany on its change of heart about military aid for Ukraine

  • Yes, older women should be on magazine covers – but why can’t they look their age?

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  • Lithe lizards and a dog’s dinner – readers’ best photos

  • Red sky at night and a real-life Rothko – readers’ best photos

  • Tribal spirit and the real Ratatouille – readers’ best photos

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