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  • A knitwear designer spins a yarn to create a colourful new home

  • Houseplant of the week: monkey tail cactus

    Looking for a plant pet? This cute desert native is soft enough to stroke
  • Going up a level: a former lacemaker’s home in Nottingham gets an upgrade

    Huge windows and clever room solutions bring joyful elegance to Victorian maisonette
  • Houseplant of the week: fierce begonia

  • Cork homeware – in pictures

  • Talk about giving a dog a bad name…

  • Ditch your spade, forget fertiliser, listen to the weeds: Alys Fowler’s guide to laid-back gardening

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  • Chelsea flower show garden built with asylum seekers brings ‘message of hope’

    Choose Love garden uses materials found in refugee camps and plants that grow on migration routes
  • Chelsea flower show embraces trend for grow-your-own veg

  • A Chelsea garden for our darkest days

    • Blossom, birds and bees – the season unfurls in a Danish garden

    • Young country diary: Slugs, worms and an ant colony – what a successful garden hunt!

    • Cancel culture and the Oxford Union

    • Glasgow up in arms over proposed entrance fee for Kibble Palace

    • Lend your plants some support – they’ll do better with something to lean on

    • The war on Japanese knotweed

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Pictures & video

  • Sunshine shades: 12 ways to brighten up your home - in pictures

    As nature bursts into colour, how’s the time to fill your home with bright and bold hues
  • International garden photographer of the year – in pictures

  • Best 10 blankets for the big British chill – in pictures

  • 'It is dead flesh isn't it?': catching a whiff of a blooming corpse flower - video



  • Plates, candles, cutlery: the best tableware – in pictures

  • Keep it all in. Storage units – in pictures

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