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  • MP speaks out against voice claims – as it happened

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  • Crackdown on buy now, pay later schemes announced as Labor warns of dangers of growing debt

  • Labor hails ‘strongest start for jobs growth’ of any Australian government

  • TikTok Australia expands trial of gambling advertising despite widespread criticism

  • Real estate agents push back against Australian privacy law changes designed to protect personal data

  • Westpac bans transfers to world’s largest crypto exchange Binance

  • Gina Rinehart tells summit to devote ‘15 minutes each day to spread the mining message’

  • Peter Dutton claims Labor wants ‘gas gone’ and urges sector to fight intervention

  • Doubts over whether federal anti-corruption body could investigate PwC scandal

  • ‘We are losing money’: companies in Apple’s repair program say they can’t compete with tech giant

  • Greg Jericho

    Wages are growing (good news!) but they’re still playing catch-up with inflation

    Greg Jericho
    • Instead of winning plaudits, why did Jim Chalmers’ budget surplus leave pundits nonplussed?

      Greg Jericho
    • Australia budget 2023: six graphs that explain this one-off surplus

      Greg Jericho
    • Sorry, what? The latest interest rates rise suggests the RBA board is completely lost to logic

      Greg Jericho
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In depth

  • The no-interest loans helping Australians get back on their feet

  • Extreme weather and rising premiums make parts of regional Australia ‘uninsurable’

    Insurance costs for some properties have tripled despite never having been directly affected by natural disaster
  • My $1,000 laptop died after two years. It had a one-year warranty. Is complaining a waste of time?

    Your basic consumer rights aren’t interchangeable for product warranties, says Australian consumer law and policy professional Kat George even if the warranty has expired your rights still apply
  • Can Vanessa Hudson win back the flying public when she takes the Qantas controls from Alan Joyce?

  • Australia’s big four banks may be at peak profitability but fat margins aren’t over, analysts say

  • Priced out: how Australians are being hit by the soaring cost of food

  • Australia’s rising cost of living is pushing people to buy now, pay later – but debts are stacking up

  • Why is customer service so poor at some corporations – and when should I complain?

  • ‘Time to go back’: city business owners rail against Australia’s working from home shift

  • Slashed avocados: prices low but set to rise again as Shepard season ends in Australia


  • Why does Australia rely on consulting firms such as PwC and not on its own public servants?

    Clancy Moore
  • Australians are being bled dry. Banks must use their windfall profits to help tackle the scam crisis

    Stephanie Tonkin
  • Critics of the budget’s cost-of-living measures say they are inflationary – but is this true?

    Isaac Gross
  • Labor could and should have gone stronger on the petroleum resource rent tax

    Rod Sims
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World news

  • Facebook fined €1.2bn for mishandling user information

  • Live
    Micron shares drop after China bars its chips, as US tech clash escalates – business live

  • Postal desert island: Mull’s residents cut off from civilisation by Royal Mail

  • UK government sells £1.26bn of NatWest shares

  • Ryanair rebounds to near-record profit as summer bookings soar

  • University investment funds urge ‘bold action’ to stop new fossil fuel projects

  • Co-op members and board at odds over AGM vote on chicken welfare

  • Concerns over price rises for period products despite removal of tampon tax

  • Ladbrokes owner funded ‘dishonest’ lobbying against gambling reforms

  • Facebook to be fined £648m for mishandling user information

Global view

  • Larry Elliott

    The west’s tightening of Russian sanctions is a sign of failure

    Larry Elliott
  • Inflation is on the wane, but a longed-for sharp drop is far from in the bag

    Energy bills and a tight labour market continue to cloud predictions of a steep decline by the end of the year
    • Brexit has wrecked Britain’s car industry, but so have the Tories

      Phillip Inman
    • Nils Pratley

      With strikes behind them, get ready for Royal Mail’s next battles

      Nils Pratley
    • Nils Pratley

      Vauxhall owner probably isn’t blameless, but UK needs to switch on to the car crisis

      Nils Pratley
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