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Portrait of CP Scott
Comment is free…
but facts are sacred
CP Scott, 1921 Guardian editor
  • The Voice as I (a white person) understand it

    First Dog on the Moon
  • Just part of the job? Stan Grant’s stand against racism is a huge wake-up call for Australia’s media

    Bronwyn Carlson, Faith Valencia-Forrester, Madi Day, Susan Forde
    Online harassment and abuse of diverse journalists is a work health and safety issue and needs to be urgently treated as such
  • Can we still handle the truth? Journalism, ‘alternative facts’ and the rise of AI

    Lenore Taylor
    The credo of Watergate is still relevant: find the best obtainable version of the truth. But doing so is only getting more complicated
  • Parents may have the toughest job in the world, but they must let us go travelling

    Maddie Thomas
  • Not caging children under 14 is the bare minimum we can do to not torture kids

    Sophie Trevitt
  • You gotta fight for your right to protest

    Fiona Katauskas
  • Why does Australia rely on consulting firms such as PwC and not on its own public servants?

    Clancy Moore
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  • Greg Jericho

    Greg Jericho
    Wages are growing (good news!) but they’re still playing catch-up with inflation

    Greg Jericho
    Australian wages are rising by closer to 4% than 3%. That’s how fast they should grow when inflation is less than 3%, not 7%
  • Van Badham

    Van Badham
    The culture of mistrust is bleeding into our personal lives. No wonder there’s a sex recession

    Van Badham
  • Ranjana Srivastava

    Ranjana Srivastava
    ‘Put a man on it’: the very short story of my medical research career

    Ranjana Srivastava
    • Paul Daley
      Can we keep my nautical prints? When couples move in together, they face a tough test

      Paul Daley
    • Katharine Murphy
      One year in, Anthony Albanese is betting big on Australia’s better angels

    • Peter Lewis
      Essential Report: the budget fails to impress – Australian Politics podcast

    • Jeff Sparrow
      Generational crimes are being committed thick and fast. No wonder Australian kids don’t vote conservative

      Jeff Sparrow
    • Lenore Taylor
      Can we still handle the truth? Journalism, ‘alternative facts’ and the rise of AI

      Lenore Taylor


  • First Dog on the Moon

    A mouse, a toad and a midnight rescue – an illustrated good news story

    First Dog on the Moon
  • Having trouble facing the reality of the climate crisis? Use this tried and tested method

  • First Dog on the Moon

    Think it’s tough being a renter? Hardly. Landlords are voiceless!

    First Dog on the Moon
  • Hello? I’d like to report a scam

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Indigenous Australia

  • Jonathan Horn

    All booing is infantile but not all boos are equal – that’s why Lance Franklin became the story

    Jonathan Horn
  • There are lessons in South Africa’s historic referendum. We have the power to change Australia

    Sisonke Msimang
  • Indigenous AFL players stand tall against an endless stream of racism – it’s now time for them to strike

    Ben Abbatangelo
  • The Indigenous voice vote is a unifying moment for a confident nation capable of change

    Fiona Jose
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World view

  • Emma Beddington

    I love a good auction. If only I could afford Freddie Mercury’s moustache comb …

    Emma Beddington
  • John Harris

    A lost generation are stuck living with their parents – and Tory talk of housebuilding won’t help them

    John Harris
    • Ben Jennings on Suella Braverman’s speeding fine – cartoon

    • The Guardian view on Pakistan’s army: go back to the barracks

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