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  • Surge in strikes at Chinese factories after Covid rules end

  • Covid-resistant bats could be key to fighting the next pandemic

    The only mammals that fly are not affected by coronaviruses. Scientists are trying to work out why
  • Covid contracts: messages reveal extent of Tory donor access to Matt Hancock

    Two major donors used ministerial access to promote firms offering Covid services with which they were involved
  • Small firms could be entitled to thousands from insurers after Covid payment ruling

  • Reading ability of children in England scores well in global survey

  • Grin and bare it: as mask mandates end Japan turns to tutors to relearn how to smile

  • Plans for UK ‘genomics transformation’ aim to act on lessons of Covid

  • US Covid emergency status ends as officials plan ‘new phase of managing’ virus

  • Enrollment in US schools hasn’t bounced back since pandemic, data shows

  • GB News censured after Naomi Wolf compared Covid jab to mass murder

  • Covid officials say new ‘Arcturus’ variant could be linked to conjunctivitis

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  • Is Covid really over? WHO’s announcement sounds more like surrender than victory

    Although the acute phase of the pandemic may be over, experts agree that the virus’s effects will remain profound
  • Flu cases are on the rise across Australia. Do I need a winter vaccination?

    With an extended season in Europe and more people travelling, experts say now is the time to guard against flu and other respiratory diseases
    • Boris Johnson: why is he in so much trouble – and can his political career survive?

    • Boris Johnson had a lot to say about Partygate – but did any of it stack up?

    • Boris Johnson inquiry: what is former UK PM accused of?

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  • The UK’s Covid-19 inquiry was set up to uncover the truth. So why are bereaved people being silenced?

    Saleyha Ahsan
    • The Guardian view on the vaccine shortfall: tackling disruption and distrust

    • Long Covid left people like me in the shadows – now we’re on a West End stage

      Joanna Herman
    • Megan Nolan

      I thought therapy would bring me happiness – why does it feel more elusive than ever?

      Megan Nolan
    • China’s ‘zero Covid’ policy was a mass imprisonment campaign

      Murong Xuecun
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In depth

  • Australia’s rising road toll: how the pandemic and a love of big cars are putting lives at risk

    Decades of gains in road safety are being set back by the rise in SUV ownership and impatient drivers used to empty lockdown streets
  • Dining across the divide: ‘She is a big conspiracy theorist – I came out thinking, what was that?’

    One thinks Covid is a hoax or a bioweapon, the other … disagrees. Can they find any common ground?
    • Powerlifter who took up sport in lockdown is British junior champion

    • Testing times: workers’ three years on Covid frontline comes to an end as NSW clinics close

    • Simon Schama on the broken relationship between humans and nature: ‘The joke’s on us. Things are amiss’

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  • ‘It’s way beyond just science’: untangling the hunt for Covid’s origins

  • The Boris Inquisition – Politics Weekly UK

  • 'Complete nonsense': key moments from Boris Johnson's Partygate grilling – video



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