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Art & design

  • Artist Hurvin Anderson: ‘I’m always nervous about the word identity. I try not to use it’

  • China’s Hidden Century review – a revelation from first to last

    This beautifully curated show of more than 300 exhibits traces the resilience, innovation and decadence of 19th-century China – and the lamentable role of the British
  • Nam June Paik: Moon Is the Oldest TV review – engaging film about the video art pioneer

    Amanda Kim’s documentary encapsulates the disruptive work of the Korean American artist, who was years ahead of his time
  • Venice Biennale 2023 review – an important challenge to western architectural tradition

  • Simone Lia: Catchy slogan – cartoon

  • The Faber/Observer/Comica graphic short story prize 2023 – enter now!

  • The big picture: Bud Lee captures the 1967 Newark riots

  • Art
    Sarah Sze: The Waiting Room review – astonishing kaleidoscopic slideshow for the smartphone age

    Like an experiment in time travel or a vision of things to come, Sze’s exhilarating video sculpture gives the sensation of a brain fried by information overload
    • Art
      Kaye Donachie: Song for the Last Act review – painted women who refuse to sit still and be pretty

    • Art
      Gwen John: Art and Life in London and Paris review – sacrifices art to history

    • Art
      Saint Francis of Assisi review – a saint for all seasons

  • ‘It’s almost spiritual’: the female pilots connecting remote Alaska

  • The week around the world in 20 pictures

  • Sublime clutter, Scottish moderns and … Gazza? – the week in art

  • ‘All of a sudden there’s a house’: could prefab be the future of Australian homes?

  • The toxic landscape of colonialism: Venice’s Architecture Biennale spotlights Africa

  • ‘Design me a chair made from petals!’: The artists pushing the boundaries of AI

  • A scrum in building form: Limerick hopes to cash in on rugby supremacy with new attraction

  • The water’s lovely: art that celebrates bathing – in pictures

  • Fears looted Nazi art still hanging in European galleries

  • Simone Lia: A reflection on modern art – cartoon

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