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  • Ithaka: The Fight to Free Assange review
    There’s no better show about the WikiLeaks founder’s battle

    Does this documentary about Julian Assange’s struggle for freedom lack subtlety? Yes. But – for deeply troubling reasons made clear by this programme – it’s the best we have
  • Depp v Heard review
    Amber and Johnny make for profoundly depressing television

  • Poker Face
    Natasha Lyonne’s perfect detective show turns up the fun-o-meter until it explodes

  • ‘Only God can say – That’s enough’
    Wanda Sykes, the uncancellable standup superstar

  • Forget Jurassic Park
    Inside the gorgeous David Attenborough series that’s redefining dinosaurs

  • ‘Taking their clothes off was a metaphor’
    The Full Monty creators on the return of their Sheffield strippers

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  • High Desert
    Patricia Arquette’s comedy is so jampacked it’s exhausting

    There are acid trips, flashbacks and a lead character who’s a can-can-dancing PI. Luckily, Arquette’s powerfully charismatic performance keeps the show from going off the rails
  • The Stones and Brian Jones
    Broken hearts, fatherless kids and Nazi regalia

    He gave the Stones edge then drugs got the better of him and they dropped him. In Nick Broomfield’s moving film, he is remembered by the women who knew him intimately but briefly
    • Ten Pound Poms
      Surely no one in 1956 was a stranger to this level of racism and sexism?

    • I Kissed a Boy
      Historic gay dating show is a queer summer treat

    • Kids
      A startling, unprecedented look at children in care

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  • What's on tonight
    TV tonight: Suranne Jones stars in new family drama about secrets and double lives

    Sisters reunite after their mother’s death in Maryland. Plus: things get ugly in the penultimate episode of Succession. Here’s what to watch this evening
  • The seven best shows to stream this week
    Poker Face to Platonic: the seven best shows to stream this week

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    • The 50 best TV shows of 2022

      A great year for bingeable boxsets, streaming successes and your set-top box – see what you missed as the top telly shows of the year are revealed
    • The best TV of 2022 so far

      From the raw, masterfully-scripted realism of The Responder to the exquisite return of Gentleman Jack, here are the year’s television highlights up to now
      • Better Call Saul to Taskmaster
        Your favourite TV of 2022 so far

      • The 25 must-see TV shows of 2022

      • The 50 best TV shows of 2021

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    Episode recaps

    • Succession season four, episode eight
      Nothing is more sadistic than the words ‘Is that even true?’

      Adult diapers at the ready! It’s election night … and the results are unimaginably disastrous. Will revenge be sweet for Shiv?
    • Succession season four, episode seven
      Never accept a gift from Tom Wambsgans

    • Succession series four, episode six
      Logan’s back!

    • Succession season four, episode five
      Is Shiv about to be sent a brick of frozen blood?

    • Succession season four, episode four
      Did Logan mean it … or cross it out?

    • Succession season four, episode three
      A gut-punch episode is one of the show’s finest

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    • Hear here
      How one woman raised $100,000 for cancer treatment she never needed

      Why did Amanda Riley con the blogosphere into paying for her fake illness? Find out in Scamanda. Plus: five of the best podcasts to mend a broken heart
    • Miranda Sawyer on podcasts and radio
      The week in audio: Vernon Kay; Rylan: How to Be a Man; Children Locked Away – review

    • The 20 best podcasts of 2022

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        Louis Theroux, Sharon Horgan and other stars on their recent TV highlights

      • ‘I’m pleased as pie!’
        Jason Sudeikis on Ted Lasso – and lessons in kindness

        The hugely popular TV series Ted Lasso is a case study of being nice and decent. As it reaches the final whistle, Tim Lewis meets its creator and star, Jason Sudeikis
      • Peace, love and gloriously diverse chaos triumph as UK hosts Eurovision

      • ‘It was actually beautiful’
        The wild rise in people turning their therapy sessions into devastating TV

      • ‘The phone stops ringing. You never hear from anyone again’
        The UK’s Eurovision flops on 25 years of hurt

      • No talking just kissing
        Inside the UK’s first ever gay dating show

      • Guns, gangs and naked ‘bum bums’
        The hilarious cop show that’s TV’s funniest new comedy

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