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Portrait of CP Scott
Comment is free…
but facts are sacred
CP Scott, 1921 Guardian editor
  • No more missing records or letters lost in the post – I will bring in a totally digital NHS

    Keir Starmer
    Imagine the benefits of having a joined-up service at last. Combined with AI and genomic medicine, this is the future for our health service
  • A lost generation are stuck living with their parents – and Tory talk of housebuilding won’t help them

    John Harris
  • Samuel Earle

    The Tories have form with far right conspiracy theories. This time it’s ‘cultural Marxism’

    Samuel Earle
  • Why I stopped arguing about the climate emergency and tried the silent treatment instead

    Helena Echlin
  • Don’t celebrate the prospect of the Tories in opposition – that’s the real danger zone

    Nesrine Malik
  • How watching TV became a lonely pursuit – and podcasts are rushing to fill that void

    Fiona Sturges
  • Green belts once served a vital purpose, but now they are squeezing the life out of cities

    Rowan Moore
  • Farewell, racial stereotypes. Now we have the true tale of an Indian princess turned suffragette

    Anjli Mohindra
  • While Rishi Sunak keeps quiet, noisy Tories are wreaking havoc on his party’s reputation

    Isabel Hardman
  • The price of failure: a moat for Johnson, jobs for Osborne and globetrotting for Truss

    Catherine Bennett
  • The uncounted: how millions died unseen in America’s post-9/11 wars

    Simon Tisdall
  • Becky, 12, tried to kill herself. The care she received? Eight weeks in solitary

    Louise Tickle
  • Don’t fear gentrification, those new blocks of flats can lead to lower rents

    Torsten Bell
  • Once we ask the Lee Anderson question, our democracy is on a slippery slope

    Kenan Malik
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  • My dad is ill, but his flat’s ceiling is falling in and our food bill has doubled. There’s no one to help us

    I’m stumped by the endless bureaucracy of the system. Why can’t we just find him somewhere warm and safe, asks Siobhan, who is a full-time carer for her father
  • In my freezing house, gripped by fear, I scrawl ‘things can get better’ on a chalkboard

  • Rich people help themselves, poor people help each other – I saw a food bank user take in a homeless friend

  • I used to shoulder the money worries – now my kids feel the burden too. I chase them around the house turning off lights

  • Even pound shops don’t sell things for a pound any more. I’m juggling three jobs just to get by

    Sharron Spice
  • We get £5 a week extra now our baby is born. At times like this, I consider working illegally

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  • Joanne Harris

    I used to hide behind my hair. But cancer gave me a buzzcut and helped me find my voice

    Joanne Harris
  • Why I quit the softball team – and wrote Star Wars fan fiction and princess novels instead

    Meg Cabot
  • Simran Chawla

    IVF works for the lucky few. After a decade, I finally realised I wasn’t one of them

    Simran Chawla
  • Rhiannon Neads

    I gave up believing depression had to be serious – there’s humour even in the darkest moments

    Rhiannon Neads
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  • Claire Ainsley

    The centre left is on the up around the world. Here’s what Keir Starmer can learn from it

    Claire Ainsley
  • John Harris

    Dear Keir, the polls are tightening and frankly, people are worried. You have to raise your game

    John Harris
  • Katherine Sangster

    This is how Labour can win back Scotland – and achieve a majority UK government

    Katherine Sangster
  • Neal Lawson

    Labour must be a broad church. Starmer’s purge of the left puts his future government in peril

    Neal Lawson
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  • Dr Tanzil Chowdhury

    After a marking boycott, the university threatened to withhold our pay. That only made us angrier

    Dr Tanzil Chowdhury
  • Joanna Sutton-Klein

    My hospital feels like a factory. When I saw other strikes getting results, I knew I’d join the picket line

    Joanna Sutton-Klein
  • Darren Westwood

    Amazon treats me worse than the warehouse robots – that’s why I’m walking out

    Darren Westwood
  • I wasn’t sure if I’d strike – until I locked eyes with another NHS nurse on one awful, ordinary day

    Maxine Wade
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  • The Guardian view on England’s water companies: a badly broken system

    Editorial: Ministers were warned about the risks of private equity entering the sector but did nothing. Now we’re paying the price
    • The Guardian view on Pakistan’s army: go back to the barracks

    • The Observer view on immigration: it’s time for Tories to admit that Britain needs foreign workers

    • The Observer view on the high costs order against Carole Cadwalladr

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  • How philistine of David Starkey to limit western civilisation to whiteness

    Tomiwa Owolade
    I refuse to accept the historian’s equations of skin colour and culture
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You may have missed

  • $209bn a year is what fossil fuel firms owe in climate reparations. We want that paid

    André Wright
    After a new study revealing the extent to which developing nations have been damaged, there is no excuse for further delay, says André Wright, a former news and opinion editor at the Jamaica Gleaner
  • If swing voters were terrified of the climate crisis, ministers would take it seriously

    Gaby Hinsliff
  • Polly Toynbee

    The great British baby drought has a simple cause. And it’s not ‘cultural Marxism’

    Polly Toynbee
  • Alzheimer’s drugs are a ray of hope. They must be accessible to all, not the wealthy few

    Devi Sridhar
  • Water companies got England’s sewage-ridden rivers and seas into this mess. Do we really trust them to clean it up?

    Henry Swithinbank
  • The law is gone but they are still in jail: who will free Britain’s most wronged prisoners?

    George Monbiot
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  • Has France really gone to hell? Its catastrophist discourse is at odds with the facts

    Alexander Hurst
  • Anna Gromada

    Poland has changed beyond recognition – and so has its place in Europe’s pecking order

    Anna Gromada
  • Georgi Gospodinov

    Putin doesn’t want the war to end – he wants to blast us back to the 40s Soviet era

    Georgi Gospodinov
  • Helene von Bismarck

    For Hamburg, devastated by allied bombing, King Charles’s visit is so much more than a photo-op

    Helene von Bismarck
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  • Ben Jennings on Suella Braverman’s speeding fine – cartoon

  • Water companies ‘apologise’ to their customers – cartoon

  • Nicola Jennings on the world’s 1.5C global heating limit — cartoon


  • Andy Beckett

    I went to the NatCon conference expecting sinister exuberance. But all I found was doom and gloom

    Andy Beckett
  • Jonathan Freedland

    They’re openly saying it: Brexit has failed. But what comes next may be very dark indeed

    Jonathan Freedland
  • Marina Hyde

    Pity the MPs who hate the London bubble and its elites – but just can’t leave them behind

    Marina Hyde
  • Simon Jenkins

    Loyalty has long been the Tories’ secret weapon. Without it, Sunak stands no chance

    Simon Jenkins
  • Keir Starmer does have a vision – and it’s not New Labour 2.0

    Martin Kettle
  • Here’s what I want: a hung parliament. Let me tell you why

    Owen Jones
  • In a contest between Tory MPs and reality, Rishi Sunak is refusing to pick a side

    Rafael Behr
  • Is Martha Stewart’s Sports Illustrated cover a diversity breakthrough? No, it’s just window dressing

    Zoe Williams
  • It’s the nation’s favourite cocktail – Phil and Holly on the rocks. Sickly sweet at first and then quite sour

    Marina Hyde
  • Sunak must be firm. Ukraine’s fate will be decided by war and diplomacy – not by sanctions

    Simon Jenkins
  • The Tories are on the ropes now – and Labour’s knockout blows are not far away

    Polly Toynbee
  • Westminster forgot its promises to ‘coastal communities’, and left them to rot

    John Harris
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  • The Crown Prosecution Service isn’t ‘cherrypicking’. It’s making the right calls

  • A low birthrate is good news for the planet

    • Keir Starmer should look at reversing Brexit

    • Pachyderm parallel put me in the picture on New York City weight

    • Awareness of mental health is not enough

    • The flaws in Nicholas Hytner’s plan to save the performing arts

    • Access to personal information must be properly monitored

    • We should study live juries to improve rape trials

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